XA-882K Artnet Pixel drive Node X

Item No.: XA-882

输出电压:DC24V PA-882每个端口最大10A PA-462每个端口最大15A


输出信号:PA-882 8xTTL((SPI)\\8XDXMX PA-462 4xTTL((SPI)\\4XDX



PA-882 TTL(SPI)方法RGB:680像素×8通道RGBW:512像素×8通道,DMX方法170像素×8通道

PA-462 TTL(SPI)方法RGB:6

Built-in 8-channel Artnet decoder
Supports most chips on the market
Support Madirx automatic recording
Built-in 2KW switching power supply
DC24V/10A+ signal integrated output
One power control 84 meters MI48A//B linear lights (80 1 meter + 8 0.5 meters)
ABS finished box, durable and sturdy.